Feynman’s Flower

The Sober Scientist. What an excrutiatingly weird concept to me. I am one myself, a scientist, I mean; and I know how much I have to force myself to not feel but think when it comes to science. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know where the image of the sober scientist comes from. It […]

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A visit to Galileo’s cellar

In some sense, this was the shortest visit to a museum ever. I had half-an-hour for this bounty of different instruments from all epochs of science since the 16th century, concentrated in a cellar somewhere on the premises of the University of Padova, in Galileo Galilei’s town. Thankfully, I had a wonderful guide. In addition, […]

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Warping drives

In science you should never say no. To anything. Period. Until it is proven wrong. Then you shout No! to the world. Technology development, now, may be a rather different story. Just take this. What would provoke NASA to give such an un-equivolent message about a particular mainstay of Sci-Fi-literature, the warp drive. One should […]

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Prepare for surprises

Friday, November 13th, at a conference, Professor Hannu Koskinen, gave a speech about space as an almost infinite source of surprises. Being a part of the Rosetta team, he reminded the audience about comments on the first images showing the duck-shaped comet 67P/Chyryumov-Gerasimenko. The images of Pluto, captured by New Horizons, also were more surprising […]

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Skipping stones like a boss

One of my favourite games as a youngster was to skip stones on water. I was really bad at it – and still I became a physicist, a rocket scientist even. So, why does a stone skip on the water? You can find answers here at Quora. It is basically about vectors and where they […]

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Non-Newtonian curiosity

One of life’s mysteries: How can you run on a pool of Non-Newtonian fluid without asking how that is even possible? Truth be told, I suspect that the question comes into people’s minds. Then they turn off their ears, when they hear the word “physics”. So let’s modify that question up there: How can you […]

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Breaking the law

I imagine, there might be drivers who look at speed limits as suggestions. There might as well be drivers, perhaps even male drivers, that see speed limits as suggesting a minimum speed. On facebook, people write about a flash of light out of the blue sky when they got caught by a speed camera along […]

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About Orbits

When you look at the sky on a dark night without moonlight or lights from our cities, you don’t have to wait long before you see a glimmering spot gently moving across the sky. That’s most likely to be a satellite in Low Earth Orbit. The Low Earth Orbit, LEO, is between 160 and 2000 […]

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