Skipping stones like a boss

One of my favourite games as a youngster was to skip stones on water. I was really bad at it – and still I became a physicist, a rocket scientist even. So, why does a stone skip on the water? You can find answers here at Quora. It is basically about vectors and where they […]

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Why don’t clouds fall down?

Clouds are collections of water droplets or, at higher altitudes, water ice crystals. So, honestly, why would they stay up there? It is not like snow flakes, for example, hang around or anything. The title question is legitimate. We cannot invoke old Archimedes and claim that the clouds float like a hydrogen balloon would. Hydrogen […]

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The Physics of Bleik

The picture above is of Bleik beach in Andøy in Northern Norway. I will readily admit that I want to bait you to click on the link with that picture. And why not? That place is stunningly beautiful. You can see that even on a cell phone image. Being a physicist, I stood on that […]

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