Feynman’s Flower

The Sober Scientist. What an excrutiatingly weird concept to me. I am one myself, a scientist, I mean; and I know how much I have to force myself to not feel but think when it comes to science. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know where the image of the sober scientist comes from. It […]

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The Coffee Break Principle

Have you ever wondered why physics has to be so difficult? “Why?” is always a dangerous question and the answer to this particular one depends on how deep you want to go into the subject. A good starting point may be: When physics is introduced in school, students learn about Newton’s mechanics, for example. This […]

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On physicists

What is a physicist? Those of you who have followed this blog may not be surprised about me asking a question like that. I am one, a physicist. I have all the papers to prove it. I should know. But I do not know. What I do have is an inkling as to what a […]

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Quick question: What is energy?

“Energy is what makes things go round.” This is perhaps the easiest way to attempt an explanation of what energy, in fact, is. There is no harm in using this particular way to explain the term even though one may argue that the above sentence is only a definition of how we describe energy, not […]

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On science, smartphones and nerds

I gave a presentation based on the 4 texts about Imagination and Mathematics during Senior Space Camp 2015 at Andøya Space Center and NAROM. After the presentation a participant approached me and expressed the opinion that the actual everyday use of mathematics should be discussed in school – and with the youngest pupils already – […]

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