Why bring space into the classroom?

The first answer coming to mind is simply “Why not?”. But – There’s a lot more to it. First of all, teachers should be updated on space science. We all should. It’s not an easy task, though. Just reading the news about space science and space technology takes time. Understanding the basic concept often takes […]

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Observing the Earth’s climate 2/2

Our climate is a complex phenomenon. In the atmosphere, there is about 0,04% carbon dioxide. The discussions about the climate, though, could be up to 100% about carbon dioxide. Thinking it over once more, you’ll find that this tiny amount of carbon dioxide, CO2, is easier to double than the 21% oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Burning […]

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Earth observations by satellite.

Imagine observations of our home planet, worldwide, being continuously updated – without satellites. Is that even possible? Our planet is changing – although the changes are tiny -; the human population is both growing and changing in a way that causes large resources to be needed in few dense areas. By using satellites as our […]

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