Why this is a big deal: Testing Einstein near a supermassive black hole

It’s all about the precision of the experiment, which is a function of the instruments used and the object being investigated. I highly recommend you to check out the source link below. As they write there: Observations made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope have for the first time revealed the effects predicted by Einstein’s general […]

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Fibonacci flower

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, … Yeah, you knew that I was going this way with this image of a Czech sunflower, right? Right? Right. Read up on the Fibonacci series. It is a simple concept to start with, explained on a colourful website called “mathsisfun”. What’s fun about this? Scroll down and […]

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Awesome amateur photography

Here’s another one of those amateur astrophotography images. Know one thing: An image such as this, you cannot take without excrutiatingly expensive equipment. If nothing else, have that make you appreciate it being put into the Public Domain (PD). Thank you, Mr. Rahn. 🙂 Now read this: Everybody says I’m a genius Credits: Stephen Rahn/PD […]

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Something’s coming your way

It is said that humans are good at seeing patterns, even where there are none. We are good at seeing movement, even where there is none. These are, as far as I understand it, evolutionary traits in us. Colours on the other hand, now, colours are different. You may need a camera once in a […]

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We can’t tell you

You know, even though this is a strictly private site, I can’t help having work seep in sideways once in a while. As I have pointed out before, we build and launch rockets with students and teachers. We ask them to give their rocket a name. Those names can be quite funny. 😀 Now read […]

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Aquarell nature

One of the greatest things about living up North is that colour doesn’t just change from day to day. It changes in its character. Blue today isn’t like blue tomorrow. Look through my earlier posts from this spring and into the summer. You’ll find stuff that looks similar, just without the aquarell quality to the […]

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M16 and the Pillars of Creation

This image is based on data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope and shows something dubbed “The Pillars of Creation”. Stars are created here. They form in clouds of dusty material which contracts into glowing spheres (sorry Flat Earthers!) by means of gravity. Thinking about stuff like this is an almost spiritual experience. Now read […]

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