Sometimes we toss comments, more than discussing, about leaving Earth for another planet. Well – That would be a kind of a journey. Freja, a space engineer student at Luleå tekniska universitet, wrote an essay that might give you some perspective on a journey to a planet, orbiting another star. In-betweeners – by Freja Andrea Dyrbye […]

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A visit to Galileo’s cellar

In some sense, this was the shortest visit to a museum ever. I had half-an-hour for this bounty of different instruments from all epochs of science since the 16th century, concentrated in a cellar somewhere on the premises of the University of Padova, in Galileo Galilei’s town. Thankfully, I had a wonderful guide. In addition, […]

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Warping drives

In science you should never say no. To anything. Period. Until it is proven wrong. Then you shout No! to the world. Technology development, now, may be a rather different story. Just take this. What would provoke NASA to give such an un-equivolent message about a particular mainstay of Sci-Fi-literature, the warp drive. One should […]

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Skipping stones like a boss

One of my favourite games as a youngster was to skip stones on water. I was really bad at it – and still I became a physicist, a rocket scientist even. So, why does a stone skip on the water? You can find answers here at Quora. It is basically about vectors and where they […]

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Brilliant minds

I asked a stupid question on Google+. I rather often do, so that is not unusual. At about the same time of that post, I called mixing up the terms scientists, researchers and engineers like assigning grey colour to a blue sky, something more than simply not getting categorizations straight, on this very blog. I […]

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Non-Newtonian curiosity

One of life’s mysteries: How can you run on a pool of Non-Newtonian fluid without asking how that is even possible? Truth be told, I suspect that the question comes into people’s minds. Then they turn off their ears, when they hear the word “physics”. So let’s modify that question up there: How can you […]

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Seeing is believing

On the Kardashev scale, our civilization ranks at zero. That does not sound all that good, especially given that the scale starts at 1. Alright, now… Actually, I would like to focus on something that is not exactly obvious to most people: We perceive more than our own senses can tell us. We could choose […]

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